Filmed Live

In The Round


We host ‘In The Round’ events in various warehouse spaces a couple of times a year.

The idea is to split the costs of a large scale production across 3 bands.  It's set 'In The Round' with the band facing each other in the middle of the room and the audience surrounding the stage.

For these events, we provide all the audio, lighting and video and your act gets a 40min set.

We usually suggest bands do a 30min set of songs, and then either use the last 10 minutes to get a second take of a few songs, or if you're happy with your performance, continue on with a couple more songs.  We film the whole set and edit everything down so you get a full set of mixed/mastered/edited live footage in front of a live and enthusiastic audience.

Here's every service provided in our ‘In The Round’ event package:  

 Audio - We provide a PA with 6 fold-back monitors on individual sends, an experienced live engineer, a beautiful collection of mics and 24 track recording.  Just bring your backline and instruments.  We mix and master everything to your liking with revisions included.

Lighting - Our consultant brings in an insane rig with multiple moving and stationary lights and plenty of fog.  He also pre-programs a custom light show made for your set and live triggers everything on the night. 

Video - 5 cameras capture your set in 4k across multiple stationary and hand held operators.  We'll edit and grade your entire set and export it however you'd like it formatted (eg: individual clips and/or an entire set for DVD etc.)  We also throw in the promo reel.

Audience - Ticket prices vary depending on the venue.  It is usually an 18+ venue, and everyone who comes on the night must sign a waiver that gives their permission to be filmed (it's a quick process at the door.)  Our MC explains the procedure of the night to the crowd and gets everyone involved and excited to be a part of your live filming.

Photos - On top of all that, we have a dedicated professional still photographer snapping your set, and you'll get plenty of hi-res live shots that will look great in your epk.

Our next filming date will be announced after COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.