Octopuses (or 'Octopodes', or 'Octopi' depending on your grammatical leanings) are highly intelligent, have Ninja-like camouflage skills and are generally awesome and incredible! They are portrayed throughout stories and art as inquisitive and cheeky, gregarious yet vengeful, even anarchistic and super-villainous.If I had octopi for pets, I imagine the words "Bad Octopi" would escape my lips quite frequently.



Musician, Videographer, Octopus Enthusiast

email: jim@badoctopi.com

Mob: 0408 585 626

Chief Of Chum Scrubbing



Our Specialty Is Filming Live Gigs.


Hi! Jimmy Watts here.

I’ve been involved in the music industry for 15 years in many different roles.

As a performer I’ve toured extensively, both nationally and internationally.

As a tech I’ve worked as a live sound engineer, roadie and stagehand.

I’ve also worked for both bands and venues on the managerial side as an agent, graphic designer, photographer and videographer.

You’re probably aware that one of your bands most important assets is quality live footage.

Venues/agents/music industry folk all need to see an accurate representation of your bands performances.

Fans want to re-live gigs and are happy to pay for videos as either exclusive Patreon style content or as more traditional merch such us USB/DVD/downloadables.

And the constant need to feed your social media content makes live footage an invaluable tool in your marketing and monetising strategy.


At Bad Octopi Productions we specialise in creating high quality multi-camera videos of live shows with multi-track audio recording.

As a musician myself, I have a firsthand understanding and knowledge of what bands want out of their live clips. I strive to find the right balance between portraying the band and the gig’s energy in the best light possible, without intentionally skewing the reality for industry folks.


In addition to filming live gigs, we can also help you with a large range of other services including:

- Music videos/film clips

- Promotional videos for tours/releases/venue promo etc.

- Graphic design for web or print (cover art/banners/posters/logos etc)

Don't hesitate to get in touch to chat with me about your next creative endeavour!