Staging a gig? Get Bad Octopi to help!


Whether you need to hire a small PA for your bands gig or you need assistance with an entire production arranging staging, lighting, video and audio departments, we can help.

Small Scale Technical Productions

Want your event filmed and documented?

Whether it's a multi-cam live gig shoot or one lone camera recording a lecture, we can accommodate at surprisingly low rates.  It's usually most cost effective to hire us to do sound at your gig and to film and edit as an added option.  Check out some of our great package deals here.

Just need a roadie?

Need an instrument tech, stagehand or sound engineer for the night?  We can do that too!

Intimate Shows Are Special Shows:

If it's for a small crowd (under 500) we can organise for equipment to get set up, operated, and packed up on time and without a hassle.  We don't do big gigs, we do small intimate venues, corporate functions, backyard parties, art openings, satanic covens, Bar Mitzvahs and the like.

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