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In the Bad Octopi podcast series Jimmy Watts interviews fellow musicians and artists.

Ep-08.  Jimi Beavis

Brisbane based blues singer-songwriter and harmonica player Jimi Beavis talks about his new single 'Python Squeeze, Cobra Strike' featuring only lyrics straight from Tony Abbots mouth.  We play the track and bullshit our way through some shit questions.  Then Beavis makes a mockery of MacGyver and we all go home listening to the "Undertones".




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Ep-07.  Brett Harris AKA 'SS Sebastian' and James Lees

Brett Harris AKA 'SS Sebastian' and James Lee were both in Brisbane's favorite pirate themed sea-shanty band 'The Good Ship'.  Now they live together atop Mt Nebo, constantly bantering, bickering and occasionally biting.  We sort of talk about song-writing and musical endeavors, but mostly we just try and contain the bullshit amidst shit questions and suspect Arnie impersonations.  More sass than a Schweppes truck full of sarsaparilla!




Ep-05.  Moondog

New Zealand bred 'Moondog' is a roaming Bluesman of tremendous talent, he paid me a visit in November 2014 after building me a fantastic 'Frankenslide' guitar.  In this episode Moondog plays a few songs on his hand made, custom built biscuit tin guitars; and we wax poetic about all things relating to the moon, to dogs, and to the convergence of the two.  He also plays an excellent round of 'MacGyver' that involves a souvlaki shop, and MacGyver's mortal enemy - baby octopuses!



Ep-04.  Carrie Henschell

The amazingly talented alt-country singer/songwriter Carrie Henschell joins me to talk about growing up in Scrubby Mountain, mung bean delicacy's, and her recent 12 month stint in the USA where she played a heap of gigs, recorded a new Ep 'Wild' with her band of hot-shot Texan gun slingers; and toured all over the place in a borrowed car with two other Aussie songstresses.  We also discuss some business meeting tips, and Carrie plays a mean round of our tour bus game 'MacGyver'.  Catch Carrie and The Cut Snakes at the link below:



Ep-03.  Morningside Fats

In this episode I spoke to Paul Renton, a blues guitarist and singer songwriter from SE QLD whose main project is his original blues band 'Morningside Fats'.  Paul and I discussed his songwriting process, how he got started in music, how he deals with nerves and how he got so damn suave!  We also trade war stories and solve world hunger with one power chord progression (one of those things may not have happened.)


Here's where you can find him:


Ep-02.  Peter B

In this episode, I spoke with Peter B from 'Peter B & The Homeless Souls' about his time working in a free clinic on the Thai-Burma border, driving games to play in the car, meth labs, Dad jokes, the recording process, and suicidal reality TV show contestants; as well as a lot of other crap!  I also try and get all touchy feely in my super long monologue intro, and then afterwards I realise I was only touching myself - "Git ya hand off it ya tool!"



Ep-01.  Megan Cooper & Cameron Milford

In this our virgin episode, I spoke to Brisbane singer songwriters Megan Cooper & Cameron Milford about some of our worst moments on stage, farting your elevator pitch to get the upper hand, artistic rejection and reality singing competitions...and a whole lot of other crap.


Megan Cooper-


Cameron Milford-