What's In A Name?

Octopuses (or 'Octopodes', or 'Octopi' depending on your grammatical leanings) are highly intelligent, have ninja like camouflage skills, and are generally awesome and incredible!


They are portrayed through society as inquisitive and cheeky, gregarious yet vengeful, even anarchistic and super-villainous.


If I had octopuses for pets, I imagine the words "Bad Octopi" would escape my lips quite frequently.

Also, it ticks all the boxes that need ticking when naming a creative business, those boxes are:


- Weirdly lame back story

- The domain name was available

- The name pleases our soon to be Cephalopoda overlords

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Who are we?

Jimmy Watts - Chief Of Everything!

Musician, Octopus Enthusiast, Self Professed Creative Genius, Ideas Man,

Doer of Many Things.


Jimmy has toured his band across Australia for more than 5 years, forging a reputation as a hardworking and heartfelt performer.  He has self-managed his act in all it's many manifestations, from soloist to 7 piece band as well as handling all aspects of their logistics, promotions and publicity, web and print design, bookings and tour management etc.


Amidst touring for many years Jimmy worked part time as a distribution manager in the street press industry, as well as for All Access Crewing as a stagehand.  He also freelanced as a live sound engineer in countless venues and at festivals across QLD.


In between touring Jimmy's time is spent at Bad Octopi consulting with his main client

'Brigalow Country', overseeing their creative and marketing endeavors as well being the leading hand on all their design and advertising work; from graphic design for web & print to directing, producing and editing TV ads, running their online store and managing their online presence from social media to SEO.



Musician,  Pro Octopus,  Bachelor of Arts - Film & TV,

President of Kwargarnor Films


Michael Leo's film making skills and aptitude for all things technically obscure within the realms of the audio visual world make him a rare breed.   He's spent the last decade following his talents all over the country and abroad working for a variety of clients in a number of creative roles.  Amidst years of touring as a session musician, he has also freelanced as a filmmaker and location sound recordist for film and TV; as well as nurturing his home studio projects where he creates original music in a wide range of styles.

Michael Leo - Head Videographer

Michael has produced, directed and edited many films and clips as well as exhibited experimental audio visual pieces often in collaboration with live bands.  One of his most notable collaborative films 'Flood Plains' featured at the Brisbane Festival with live music accompaniment from cinematic jazz ensemble 'Mooshim'.

Paul Young - Creative Consultant

Composer & Musician, Highly Allergic To Octopus, Photographer, Artistic Director of Mooshim, Bachelor of Arts - Music


Paul has an extensive touring schedule as a session drummer, as well as a  versatile compositional discography, and a growing and distinctive visual design portfolio.


His reputation as a composer initiated in Brisbane with a commission from the Gallery of Modern art to compose music for silent Alfred Hitchcock movies.  His music has more recently been presented at the Melbourne Fringe Festival, Brisbane Festival, Crossbows Festival, The Brisbane Emerging Artists Festival, and The Trilling Wire Festival. Young’s compositions have received airplay on ABC National as well as on international programs.

Paul has shifted in recent years into the world of creative visual design, with an emphasis on cd/poster design and creative promotional videos.  He has received favorable reviews working as both a photographer and videographer for corporate clients and also for his own artistic endeavors.